Track Rules
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"The WISSOTA rules shall apply to each and every participant who participates in any WISSOTA-sanctioned racing event. All participants subject to the WISSOTA rules are expected to know the rules and any claimed ignorance of the rules will not be accepted or tolerated."

Rule Center

• Transponders & raceceivers are mandatory for all WISSOTA Classes!!
• Driver meetings are held 45 minutes before scheduled race time.
• Pit gates generally open 5-6 hours before scheduled race time.
• Draw cutoff is 1 hour before scheduled race time.


2017 MyRacePass Driver Online Registration

2017 Online WISSOTA License Application

2017 Casino Speedway Track Rules (pdf)

2017 WISSOTA AMSOIL Dirt Track Series Rule Book (pdf)

2017 WISSOTA Competitor's License Application (pdf)

Mandatory Driver Decals and Patch Placement

2017 Casino Speedway Driver Info Sheet (pdf)

WISSOTA Excess Medical Insurance Policy Form